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Rats Maps Server is now offline

written by Henning - Tue 15th September 2020

The Rats Maps server is now offline. The website will go offline in the next few weeks as well.

As a remaining memento, I would like the Steam group to remain.

A copy of the website should also remain available on the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive.

Thanks again to everyone who played on the server or supported it. Maybe one day we'll meet again while playing some rats maps.

The end of the Rats Maps server

written by Henning - Thu 6th August 2020

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since the last news post. Unfortunately, this news won't be very pleasant. I want to announce that I'll permanently shut down the Rats Maps server on 14 September 2020.

For those who want to know why: The glory days of the server are long gone. Even when the player base became very small, I still maintained the server for a long time with at least some passion. But even this passion has faded more and more in the last one or two years. So I've come to the conclusion that it's time to take the server offline.

Of course, I also like to mention and honor some people here:

All of you have contributed to bring many hours of joy and fun to other people.

I really hope everyone enjoyed the server and hopefully you'll find a good replacement if necessary.

By the way, the server went public on 14 September 2012. So the last day will be the 8th birthday of the server. Damn long time.

VAC checker updated and nominations added

written by Henning - Sat 18th March 2017

The plugin that prevents VAC banned players from joining the server has been updated. With this update I can now permit players with old VAC bans (in other games) to join. As a result players with a VAC ban older than 6 years can now join the server.

On suggestion from hEATZ, map nominations are now possible. Since the map pool is kind of large now, I also think that nominations will be useful. So the corresponding plugin got added.

de_bedbugs_csgo added to the map pool

written by Henning - Fri 9th September 2016

A new map has been added to the rats maps server. The name of the map is de_bedbugs_csgo. It's a quite old map ported from CS:S to CS:GO. But don't get fooled by the first view. The map may don't look that good and is quite big, but I've played the map back in the CS:S days and I remember to have had some nice play sessions. So give the map a chance, before you rock the vote.

de_rats_1337 updated to v2 and de_attic_rats removed

written by Henning - Wed 10th August 2016

The popular map de_rats_1337 got updated to de_rats_1337_v2. SkyDusH, the creator of the map, added a few nice things. For details on what got changed see the workshop page of the new version.

Also the map pool got changed. I removed de_attic_rats again. Because this map is way too big for the normal rats style game play.

More ticks, new maps, mobile website and a donate button

written by Henning - Tue 29th March 2016

The tick rate of the rats maps server is now 102.4 ticks. From my observations the server can handle this tick rate. Unfortunately 128 ticks are not within the bounds of possibility. This might get different some day, if a server hardware upgrade is viable.

Two rats maps were added to the map pool. de_attic_rats and pro_rats_go. These maps aren't new and I was a long time unsure if they are good enough or not. But since there is the map vote system, this shouldn't be a real problem.

The website also got updated for working well on smart phones and tables. This change is about time, because quite a few visitors were using these devices.

And last but not least: Since there was already some demand for an opportunity to support the rats maps server, a donate button got added to the website. See the donate page for more details, including all costs of the server.

Change to Steam Workshop and new rats map de_rats_brb

written by Henning - Sat 28th November 2015

The rats maps server is now running all maps from the Steam workshop. This has useful advantages, like easier map download and automatic updates. If you want to be prepared, you can download all maps from the Rats Maps Server Collection by clicking "Subscribe to all". Since this change can also cause trouble, please report problems to an admin if you think your problem is unknown.

Also there is a new map, it's de_rats_brb. A really good looking and well done rats map. For more information about the map you can visit the de_rats_brb workshop page. Have much fun with the map and maybe leave a nice comment to the creator on the maps workshop page.

Knife plugin has been removed

written by Henning - Wed 8th July 2015

I removed the knife plugin from the rats maps server. This was requested by the CS:GO developers. They requested this by an email to the csgo_server mailing list. Here is an online copy of that email, in case you want to read it yourself.

Short downtime within the next hours

written by Henning - Wed 13th May 2015

Within the next hours there will be a short downtime of the complete server. Our ISP has to install an important software update. I'm sorry if that downtime happens while you are playing.

Update: The software update is done.

New rats server IP:

written by Henning - Thu 2nd April 2015

As announced I moved all servers to a new server machine with a new IP. Some small things still cause trouble, like the Mumble live view. But all servers run fine. So here the most important info for you, the new rats server IP: If you like not to get bothered again with the next IP change, you can add the server to your favorites list with our domain:

Update Fri 10th April 2015

I learn today that the Steam favorites list don't care about domains (anymore?). So never mind what I wrote about adding the server with our domain.

Upcoming IP change

written by Henning - Tue 31st March 2015

Within the next few days I will move all servers to a new server machine with a new IP. So be ready for adding the new IP to your favorites list and that there could be a downtime. Especially things that rely on the domain might be longer unavailable, due to DNS caching which can last up to 24 hours.

New map de_rats_enno_livingroom

written by Henning - Sun 15th March 2015

The map de_rats_enno_livingroom has been added to the rats server map pool. The map has been created by enno, one of our regular players. So have fun with his map on our server.

Minor website update

written by Henning - Tue 24th February 2015

As you may have notice, some minor changes to the website has been made in the past few days. These changes are the live views of our servers and some links to quick access related things.

de_rats_workshop removed

written by Henning - Sun 8th February 2015

The map de_rats_workshop has been removed from the rats server map pool. This happened because this map was the most unpopular rats map on the server.

Website launch

written by Henning - Sun 8th February 2015

The website is launched. At the moment with information about the servers and a few useful links to them. The site will hopefully be expanded soon. Things such as the forums and more dynamic content are planned.